Sacred Paradise Spa - Customized Massage & BodyWork
Weight-loss Wrap- application is made from organic herbs combined to give you a detoxifying effect to the area which it is applied. It removes unwanted toxins from the body. This treatment firms, tightens, detoxifies, improves skin appearance and scars. Lose those unwanted inches around the arms, legs, thighs and waist line. Fast results!
 Weight loss wrap with abdominal massage.$60 
Green detoxifying wrap- $150 organic botanical herbs are combined to help improve skin texture. This treatment helps remove scars, cellulite and varicose veins.

Slimming therapy- This treatment helps you get rid of unwanted fat cells and cellulite.This treatment will help you tighten, tone and firm your skin.
 Treatment 60 min $150
Wood Sculpturing Tx $60/30 min  this treatment breaks down localized fat, tones and firms skin.