Sacred Paradise Spa - Customized Massage & BodyWork
Medical massage is now available at Sacred Paradise Massage. We utilize all therapeutic techniques and medical strokes to get rid of pain, increase blood circulation, increase flexibility, mobility,range of motion, boost immunity,promote relaxation, decrease stiffness, rejuvenation and great sense of well-being. We tailor our massage sessions to our client needs.  We accept FSA and HSA for medical massages.

Our medical massage includes stretching techniques, Rom, removing toxins from the body. We provide our clients with a detailed body analysis and health regimen. $120/60 min

Signature Massage$160/90 min Combines  integrated Modalities for 90 minutes

Ultrasound Therapy - Reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and eliminates pain.$60

Compression Therapy- Improves lymphatic system, reduces pain, improves circulation and speeds up muscle recovery. $60 and up

 Infrared light therapy- Promotes Muscle Healing and detoxification of the body.