Sacred Paradise Spa -  Holistic Healing Through Massage.

CANCELLATION AND NO-SHOW POLICIES  We  know that you have a busy schedule and that last minute conflicts come up.  We do everything we can to accommodate your schedule.  Please help us to provide better service for you and our other clients by honoring your appointment times/dates. No cancellations through via email. Appointment are cancelled by  calling 215-279-3432 thank for your cooperation .
I understand that in the unlikely event of cancellation Sacred paradise massage therapy LLC requires full 24-hour cancellation from me. I understand that I will be responsible for a $50 late-cancellation fee if the appointment is cancelled under 24 hours prior to my appointment. I also understand that this fee is non-transferable.​NO SHOWS:
I understand that in the unlikely event of a no show, I am responsible for full payment of the appointment.​
I understand that I am to arrive on time for my appointments. I also understand that my session time may be shortened if I am late for the appointment. I will not be discounted or refunded for the shorter amount of session time received.